Alipay promotes cashless payment across EU

来源:中国财经报道| 时间:2017-08-15|

Starting Monday, Chinese tourists can pay via Alipay to retailers who have a partnership with Barclays in UK.

Chinese expats, students and tourists are expected to spend more than 1 billion pounds at such retailers in UK this year, news website Banking Technology said citing Barclaycard.

Last December, the financial arm signed partnership agreement with BNP Paribas, Barclays, UniCredit, and Six Payment Services, a major payment service company, to expand its online payment service in Europe.

Currently, Alipay can be used in Frances Printemps, Germanys Zwilling store chain, and stores in Munich Airport.

Alipays main target is providing service to 520 million Alipay users who use mobile payment when they travel in EU, Liu Yu, head of Alipay in EU, said to Xinhua.

According to Liu, Alipay also has signed MOU (memorandum of understanding) related to cashless payment with Monaco government in June.